My life dedication is to the beautiful, life-enriching, and remarkably effective teachings received from the Afterlife, 1980 to 1995.

Spirit gives balm to our heartfelt hurts, lifts our earthly spirits, and provides exhilarating clarity as to our purpose and promise as human beings, and--importantly--what we can do about it.

One of the clearest windows in the world today. His [Jacobson’s] work is at the very highest level of mediumship it has been my pleasure to witness.
— George Meeks, Ph.D., engineer and international researcher on life-after-death

For additional background please see To Dance With Angels, by Don and Linda Pendleton. Published in four editions, it is the authors' study of my work as a trance medium and the spirit, Dr. Peebles, who spoke through me.

I had no input on the book content except to agree to multiple private sittings as the medium for Dr. Peebles, wherein Don and Linda could dialogue with him in depth.

The Afterlife
Though my last session in trance, as a medium for Spirit, took place in 1995 (due to spinal complications), I now continue my spiritual work as an author, coach, consultant, and public speaker, drawing on my immersive and direct contact of fifteen years with those in the Afterlife who guide us and love us.

That ongoing contact changed my life forever. It is my soul's purpose, personal honor, and greatest joy to help people achieve their greater potential in all phases of their life--to lift their life experience, your life experience, even higher than it may already be.

My Life
I love morning coffee and crosswords with the love of my life, Connie. I enjoy daily walks, gathering with family and friends, reading, television drama (particularly murder mysteries ... hmm), and beautiful music including blues and soft jazz.

Dear Thomas,
Recently I read the Pendleton’s book, ‘To Dance with Angels,’ and learned of your work with Dr. Peebles. This was especially interesting to me since I, like your father, am a U.C.C. (Congregationalist) minister.

Needless to say, I was profoundly touched. My own interpretation of Jesus’ life and teachings are very consistent with the spiritual principles discussed by Dr. Peebles. It is most encouraging and healing to have those perceptions confirmed ....
— Joseph H. Irwin, Jr. UCC Minister, Pennsylvania
Young girl holding book and smiling happily

Dear Visitor ...
Whether through my currently-being-written book, online class, coaching, private workshop, or speaking engagement--I have insights, methods, and 'internal apps' to offer you. 

I like to think of them as downloads from Heaven.

With good-faith application, they can change your life. You will see the good and common sense of it all as you apply and test them in real life.

The results will speak for themselves.

Warm regards,

Connie and I love the Northwest. The cool and clean air, mild but full change of seasons, and beauty of nature. We live on Bainbridge Island which is a 35-minute ferry ride due west from downtown Seattle. 

Hope you enjoy the pics.