Intelligence from the Afterlife

Depending on what dictionary you reference there are nearly seven definitions of the word 'intelligence.' In both my blog and book, I am drawing on two of them.


  1. "Manifestation of a high mental capacity."
  2. "The gathering or distribution of information, especially secret information." 

For our purposes here, read 'secret information' as information from the Afterlife (... other terms for the afterlife include 'heaven,' 'the other side,' and 'life-after-death').

Yes, life is beautiful but very tough too. We all need help along the way, regardless of career success, social standing, or spiritual awareness. Yes, we're all in the same boat, even rowing together at times--but a newly surveyed map of far shores and hidden shoals, together with a finely tuned compass, can make all the difference.

With articles, posts, and referenced resources I will provide you with that map and compass as received from the Afterlife. I hope you find them to be especially germane to your life and the living of it.

... and she sent me a tape. It was astounding. I mean, it’s very clean, you see, because he didn’t know who I am, nothing about me, and she very carefully kept me anonymous—but when Peebles started, he started with material that had come out of my very early childhood that I remembered clearly ... [he also told me] I had a birth injury and he described it in great detail ...
— Dr. Paul S. Weisberg - former president of The American Society of Adolescent Psychiatry. [Excerpt from To Dance with Angels, by Don and Linda Pendleton]


Intelligence from the Afterlife is my blog, providing practical tips and discussion of the counsel and wisdom of Spirit.

With their beautiful teachings as to our purpose, promise, and process, we are refreshed. Our creativity is revitalized, our passion rekindled. 




Here in the first half of 2017, I am writing my first book. This will reduce the frequency of blog postings.

However, I will post the occasional update and short outtake from the book. Please contact me anytime with suggestions or requests for blog post topics.