In 1987 Don and Linda Pendleton booked a private session with me ...

They brought three friends along, one of whom was a skeptic of all things paranormal. As with all my group sessions, I only knew the first name of the person booking the appointment and did not know the names of others in the group. It's a policy I implemented near the beginning of my work as a medium--first name only when setting appointments.

I welcomed Don and Linda and their friends into my home in Palos Verdes, California, inviting them to have a seat. As with all private sessions, I sat in my chair about twelve feet in front of them and briefly explained what was about to happen.* By intent, I did not converse with them or ask any questions.

When I came out of trance 60 to 90 minutes later, everyone was smiling and laughing. Per usual, I had no memory** of what Spirit (Dr. Peebles) or the individuals in attendance had said. I think Don and Linda may have been ribbing their skeptic friend who openly, if a tad reluctantly, declared he was no longer a skeptic. They shared with me the specific information and insights they had each just received that had "blown them away."

Subsequently, Don and Linda attended my weekly public demonstrations Tuesday evenings in W. Los Angeles which I called The Gathering Place where I would sit in a chair on a slightly raised stage in front of the audience and go into my trance state. One to five minutes later, Dr. Peebles would come soaring through in full voice, filling the room with compassion and commentary from the other side--intelligence from the afterlife.

This was a book that had to be written as we could not keep this information to ourselves.
— Don and Linda Pendleton

Dr. Peebles would always first speak on a topic of his choosing, then open the floor to questions from the audience. No matter who Dr. Peebles was speaking to, no matter what he was saying to the individual, it was as if he was talking to everyone in the audience. Much laughter and more than a few tears. His answers to each were based on the soul he was 'looking at' from the other side. It typically developed into a back and forth repartee as Dr. Peebles gently drew him or her out while wrapping the entire exchange with the warmth of his unremitting, unqualified, unapologetic encouragement for the person he was addressing. He was terrific at staying there with them, no matter what.

To Dance Hardcover 3.jpg

It was after one of these evenings that Don and Linda informed me they'd like to write a book about Dr. Peebles and my mediumship. I think my initial response was a dumbfounded, "Really?" They repeated their offer, and it took me about one nano-second to say yes. I agreed to provide them private sessions with Dr. Peebles which they could use as they saw fit in the writing of their book. Furthermore, I could have no preview, say, or influence on the content of the book.

Two years later their beautiful book, To Dance with Angels, was published. Don Pendleton was a prolific and successful author (see The Executioner series, for one), while Linda Pendleton has continued writing, publishing both fiction and non-fiction, and remains a dear friend.

I'll always remember with great affection Don's soulful laugh, not to mention his passionate support of my mediumship, a subject which in the 1980's did not have nearly the popularity of today.  Alas, he is no longer with us in this world. I love you, Don.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Don and Linda.

~ Thomas Jacobson

* In the first months following my initial contact with Spirit, I developed a process for deepening my trance state such that Spirit (Dr. Peebles) could more fully, more effectively use my physical body. I realized early on that my goal and responsibility as a voice medium (trance medium or channel) was to achieve an inner state of being that was not only exceptionally sensitive but instantaneously responsive in body and brain to outer stimuli as well. One or the other is insufficient; it must be both. This dynamic state is exceedingly difficult to accomplish because one must entirely suspend judgment before the fact, prior to every moment of contact.

** After the first year of my development as a medium, I began losing memory of what had occurred during the sessions until, finally, I lost all memory of what was said either by Dr. Peebles or people speaking to Dr. Peebles though I always had 'emotional memories.'

I'm writing a book. It begins with my search for meaning as an agnostic and skeptic of life after death, continuing to the extraordinary moment I received direct contact from Spirit mere moments after deciding to quit my search once and for all:

Intelligence from the Afterlife
The Unconventional Guide to You



Thomas Clark Jacobson


It is the inside story of the fifteen fantastic, challenging, and wondrous years when I served as a voice medium for Spirit. My commitment was to go public, to share my mediumistic experience "with the many rather than the few." The reason was simple: my life had changed dramatically with the new found knowledge of life after death. I was thankful beyond words. In return, I wanted to help as many people as possible develop a stronger belief in the afterlife, learning even more about the wonderful purpose of their life.

More than anything, however, Intelligence from the Afterlife is a treasury of the remarkable teachings of Spirit transposed into a happy, user-friendly handbook for living a more creative, engaged, and vibrant life fully in sync with your soul's purpose in the nitty-gritty of daily life.

In the end, it is the symphony within us all and splendor of you.


I was an angry young man, though I did not see myself as such at the time. I was a loner. I had no ambition, no passion, no goals, and no career. I lived absent any hope. Life seemed to have no purpose; thus I had no purpose.

I was an agnostic. Oh, I allowed for the theoretical possibility of some kind of God, but he sure was one distant and cold schmuck as far as I was concerned. I certainly didn’t care about a God who would allow horrific suffering to take place on Earth. The hell with him, with her, with them. Whatever, whoever.

No purpose. No hope. We're all going to die someday anyway. Darkness. Nothingness. What's the point? Why even bother?

The chilled, meaningless days and years clopped by. There came the point where I needed to see if I could figure this out. Is there a purpose to life? Really? Truly? Or is there not? I only knew that nothing else was important to me. It was time to confront this head on. Somehow, some way.

The recurring thought in my head was, “Get on with it, Thomas. Make up your mind. Live it or leave it."

It's early 1978. I'm 30 years of age and I've made a decision with every fiber of my being. Let the search begin.

Full sails,! And away to far shores. Weather and unmapped shoals be damned.

I am Sooo looking forward to buying your new book and can hardly wait.

Dancing with Angels [To Dance With Angels, by Don and Linda Pendleton] was life transforming for me and I continue to draw from the lessons so eloquently delivered from Dr. Peebles and with the utmost appreciation of your mediumship talents and generosity in sharing of yourself to the world.
— Suzanne Anthony, LICSW. Psychotherapist at Millbury Carriage House Counseling, Mass.


The Symphony Within is the music of our soul, the heartbeat of our spirit. It is a touchstone for the living of life with consciousness; it is a muse for heightened creativity and personal vibrancy in the here and now.

Inspired by the workings of our spiritual parts, the symphony within is an ever-evolving composition reaffirming optimism and promise. Its strains rouse our rightful desire to touch and be touched. It is a soaring hymn seeking permission to engage, then courage to re-engage. Born of the Divine seed within, it is our valorous concert to the living of life, the performance of soul's purpose, and evolution of love.

At times, however, it becomes a cacophony of fragmented sounds--would-be notes in competition, haphazard and strident. Unwitting, we become less responsive. We lose initiative and isolate ourselves.

Those on the other side of life, the afterlife, understand the pains and predicaments of living here on "... the beautiful but difficult school called Earth." From the spirit side, they guide us. Their counsel and encouragement have less to do with physical survival than our soulful journey to the heart and creative authority. Reaching through our dreams of day and night, whispering into our trance-like reveries, they nudge us back on path--or nearly so. And, in the doing, they remind us each "... gentle upon thyself, then others."

Finally, they bid us turn around, look around and listen well to The Symphony Within.

In our finest hours ...

The symphony within is soaring violins and muscular violas
lifting soul's longing to waking minds
while, from afar, always-brave trumpets stir our will.

And we rise from recline.

The symphony within is noble French horns throwing golden tones far afield,
heralding desire--now renewed--to stride into day and dare to be.
It is lyrical oboes beckoning us to re-engage while
sensual cellos charm our dusty desires.

And we shimmer in morning dew.

The symphony within is the happy crescendos of
buoyant clarinets, fearless flutes, and piping piccolos faithfully
cheering us on to a celebration of life.

And we love again.

~ Thomas Clark Jacobson