Introducing ...

The Symphony Within

Intelligence From The Afterlife

An advanced six-month online course in which
I teach you how to channel life, love, spirit, and your soul.


Spirit tells us we are in this life, in part, to recover our desire and desire to be desired.

Does "desire and desire to be desired" sound non-spiritual? I answer that it is actually a critical dynamic in the highest forms of spirituality. However, it must be channeled into creative action with good faith and caring regard. Passion is the life force of our spirit. It drives us to expression and to engagement. It impels invention and inspires solutions.

Our desire and desire to be desired is a natural, necessary, and healthy vulnerability within our ongoing "quest for love" as souls (spirits temporarily incarnated upon this school, Earth). It lifts our performance and prompts us to respond to our echoes off the cliffs of life.

Life absent desire is a living death, no matter how camouflaged to the contrary.

To Be Is Indeed The Question
No more apologies for desire. No more fear of desire. To desire and be desired is a good thing, a healthy thing, and central to our soulful fulfillment but only with internal good faith and personal regard for external environs.

In this class, we're going to help each other, heal each other, and raise each other up. We're going to take the teachings of Spirit, together with my own life lessons learned as a medium for Spirit, and put them to the test, applying them to real world scenarios. Working together and with targeted focus, we will lift each other's spirit and expand the horizons of our minds.

... living with grace, loving with passion.

Dear Thomas,
Thank you for a most special reading. I’ll connect with you when I return from Europe. You are a genius and will help many people.

Love and much appreciation,
— Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Swiss psychiatrist and author of the book, "On Death And Dying"

In our class, The Symphony Within ...

(1) We will pro-actively explore ...

  • your real-life quandaries and real-world struggles.
  • your present-time potentials and career opportunities.
  • your personal and professional relationships.

(2) You will upgrade ...

  • your creative genius.
  • your ability to speak and perform publicly.
  • your problem solving skills.
  • your interaction and engagement of others.
  • your pathway between your inner soul and outer personality.
  • your quality of communication and impact on others.
  • your inner peace and self-respect.
  • your frequency of happy and joyful moments.
  • your capacity to be inspired by spirit, both incarnate and discarnate.
  • your direct inspiration of others.

(3) You will design ...

  • your action plan, this day forward.
  • your healing, mindful, and revelation meditations.
  • your soulful reminders for retiring this evening and arising tomorrow morning.
  • your personal rituals for contact with the Afterlife and this life.
  • your ways and means of increased communication.
  • your dreams of night and day.
  • your reconsidered values

(4) You will leave the class with your customized ...

  • Intelligence for This Life Action Plan
    • for your personal life.
    • for your career and professional life.
  • Journey Journal.
    • Testament of the Soul: personal growth and freehand reflections
    • Piercing the Veil: inspired insights and updated decisions
  • Knock, Knocks
    • Top of the Morning Memos to Me
    • Sweet Dreams Countdown
  • Left Hand, Right Hand ... Step, Step, Step
    • friendship and companionship
    • inner healing
    • food for the soul
  • Sacraments  [DICT: a visible sign of an inward grace; an oath; solemn pledge]
    • ceremonies for personal grace
    • rituals for the Afterlife
  • VAMP  [DICT: jazz: an accompaniment, usually improvised, consisting of a succession of simple chords]
    • V     [the acronym is revealed to students only]
    • A     
    • M     
    • P      
  • BRAINstorm (Part A)
    • B     [the acronym is revealed to students only]
    • R     
    • A     
    • I      
    • N     
  • BrainSTORM (Part B)
    • S     [the acronym is revealed to students only]
    • T     
    • O    
    • R     
    • M    
  • Life Lights
    • locales of beauty, inspiration, and joy in your external life
    • locales of beauty, inspiration, and joy in your internal life
  • The ARCH
    • A     [the acronym is revealed to students only]
    • R     
    • C     
    • H    
  • Sanctuary!
    • your sacred place, the inner residence of you—a spirit temporarily incarnate.
    • your inner sanctum where you rightly rest, recover, reevaluate, and recommit.
    • your safe harbor from the oft' stormy seas of life.
  • Channeling Template
    • your step-by-step prototype for channeling life.
    • real life examples.
    • Q & A.

Upon completion of the class ...

  • you will have initiated your personal practice of life channeling.
  • you will have an ongoing partnership with a The Symphony Within classmate for ongoing mutual support.
  • you will have a monthly follow-up newsletter from Yours-Truly, exclusive to The Symphony Within class members.
  • you will have a six-month reunion online.
  • you will have a one-year reunion both in person and online, as agreed and designed by the class.

Through an elevated grace of spirit, you will unleash the passion of your soul--channeling its beauty, inspiration, and power into all aspects of life and love.

... because we all are more than we think!

It's not "How to be Successful." It is "How to be Yourself."
Personally free, passionately inspired, and true to your soul.



Breakthrough Study:

  • acquiring new information
  • engaging critical inquiry
  • analyzing, synthesizing and integrating the information
  • situating the knowledge within a broader context
  • applying the learning while allowing personal change





  • 6 months short
  • weekly interactive gatherings
  • assignments, experiments
  • we share results
  • everyone helps everyone
  • three one-day workshops
  • private Facebook group
  • class reunion and review


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This class will not be available until sometime in the last half of this year, 2017.

I encourage you to click the WAITING LIST button above so that I can keep you updated with developing details and the final schedule. You are not registering for the class when you click the button ... you are merely expressing interest in receiving additional information as it becomes available.