Introducing ...

The Symphony Within

Intelligence From The Afterlife

A breakthrough life coaching program in which
I teach you to channel the symphony within.

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First, I break down the the teachings as a body into their specific applications. It is your working methodology. Then we explore the dynamics of each component, customizing and embedding it into your personal and professional life.

It is the symphony within you, the majestic composition of your soul's intent. It is the vibrancy of the Divine seed within you. It is the glorious sounds of your inner self, your true self. All the more manifest in the here and now of this world, our world.

As Dr. Peebles said thousands of times through me, "In this, your current and chosen lifetime." 

There are weekly assignments from which you will experience the fine-tuned organic sensibility and goodness of it all. 


My coaching is: 

  1. enabling
  2. on-going and regular
  3. one-to-one
  4. personalized
  5. planned
  6. model-based
  7. focused on aims
  8. measured and recorded

The coaching sessions are reserved as three-session sets only. One hour per session, one session per week, and three session per payment. Please be advised, you are encouraged to consider a minimum of twelve sessions (four sets) for optimal application.

You are already a beautiful, accomplished, and spiritual being. You would not otherwise be reading these words. Spirit tells us that all of us are, without exception, "students upon the beautiful but difficult school called Earth." Reminding us that we are not only here to learn but to fall in love with the act of learning itself.

The true master is not one who has finally learned it all.
A true master is one who, finally, has fallen in love with the learning.
— Dr. Peebles

Together, we will put an ear to heaven's wall, listening to the symphony within you. Using intelligence received from the Afterlife, we will polish that treasured composition of high mind, good will, and managed vulnerability that is yours alone. You will play its melodies into a celebration of life soulfully allows for the quandaries and suffering inherent in life.

I stand with you.


I will mentor you to channel life.

The Symphony Within

3 Session Sets - Weekly and One Hour Each


Let's do this thing ...

Within 24 hours you will receive an email from me with a link to my third-party scheduler for your first session. Additionally, you will see a link to a 10-question coaching survey to fill out in preparation for your first session.