Using the remarkable teachings of Spirit, together with my own lessons learned as a medium for Spirit, I will help you . . .

  • Know who you are and why you are here in this life.
  • Heal emotional and spiritual wounds.
  • Discover new levels of personal and professional creativity.
  • Revitalize your performance in life, the arts, and professional environments.
  • Unearth new abilities to work in concert with others effectively and productively.
  • Create a greater sense of freedom ... freedom to be yourself within any and all environs.
  • Strengthen your ability to engage others and, importantly, to effectively be engaged by them.
  • Attract others to you all the more so.
  • Upgrade your ability to communicate effectively.
  • Recover your desire and desire to be desired. Know the reasons why it is critical to do so.
  • To give a damn again and why it is central to your fulfillment and greater spirituality.
  • Reclaim both your right and ability to care for yourself.
  • Understand your own ongoing journey to the heart as a soul.
  • Inspire others just by being yourself. Powerful, uncommon, and it flat out works.
  • Repair, restore, or boost your intimacy in relationships.

... I teach you to channel life. 

Spirit’s transcendent teachings have become a handbook for strong and graceful living, a vibrant life lived with
soulful dexterity and spiritual poise.
— Thomas


Private Coaching

Using the enlightened teachings of Spirit together with my own lessons learned as a medium for Spirit, I will coach you to channel the symphony within you.

Whether you are newly upon your search for meaning, purpose, and personal fulfillment, or you are a grizzled veteran of the spiritual development pathways who would like some hands-on help in the heavy lifting at this time in your life, I can help.



Speak at your event

My speaker titles based on The Symphony Within:

To Love and Be Loved
... and why it's so damn hard at times

To Be The Creator
... and why it's so damn hard at times

Whether for business, club, or school, The Symphony Within provides vibrant tools for optimized communication, creativity, engagement, inspiration, and productivity. Using the inspired and remarkable teachings received from Spirit, I will provide unique techniques, real-life examples, and audience participation exercises.



Private Workshops for Your
company, Family, or group

Based on The Symphony Within, my workshop is titled, Journey To The Heart, and it is central to the dynamics of channeling life. These are one or two-day events (your choice) ten hours in length daily, including breaks.

Spirit tells us that there is no greater courage required than the courage required to truly care ... and to express that care (in some form).

The problem we all face is that frequently it hurts to care. Then, over time and almost inadvertently, we begin to disappear ... our presence fades ....