The symphony within is the music of our soul, the heartbeat of our spirit.

Inspired by the workings of our spiritual parts, it is an ever-evolving composition reaffirming optimism and promise. It is, too, the oft-muffled sounds of our innate desire to touch and to be touched. The symphony within is a soaring hymn seeking permission to engage, then fortitude to re-engage. Born of the Divine seed within, it is our valorous concert to the living of life, the magnificent sounds of our purpose and promise.

Performed on instruments of care, courage, engagement, and understanding, the melodies are majestic, noble, and finely tuned. At times, however, it is but a cacophony of fragmented sounds--would-be notes seemingly in competition, haphazard and sometimes strident. Unwittingly, we become less responsive, absent initiative, and internally isolated. Regardless of station, spiritual beliefs or professional success life can be tough.

... our valorous concert to the living of life ....

... our valorous concert to the living of life ....

Those on the other side, the afterlife, understand the pains and predicaments of our incarnation to this "... beautiful but difficult school called Earth." Whether family, friend or an angelic teacher at a given moment they guide us. Their counsel and encouragement have less to do with our physical survival than our ongoing journey to the heart as a soul. Through dreams of day and night, they nudge us back on the path while reminding us that we are indeed loved.

Spirit inspires us to be gentle on ourselves, then others. They guide us to listen to The Symphony Within.

In our soul's finest hours ...
The Symphony Within is soaring violins and muscular violas lifting
soul's longing dreams to our waking mind while
ever-brave trumpets raise us from recline.

It is noble French horns throwing golden tones far afield,
heralding renewed occasion to stride into day and deed.

The Symphony Within is lyrical oboes beckoning that we might re-engage while
sensual cellos charm our dusty desires. And we shimmer again.

It is a crescendo of buoyant clarinets, fearless flutes, and piping piccolos
affirming our right and soulful need to a celebration of life itself.