Blown Away!
— Patricia Robertson
— Victoria Sieger
That video was pure MAGIC!
— Wynn Roberts

While in my state of trance and Spirit was speaking through me, it often felt (emotionally and ‘vibrationally’) as if I was in the middle of a symphonic orchestra with its majestic sounds bouncing off the walls of a grand concert hall.

On each and every occasion, I found myself immersed in Spirits' remarkable and unmitigated love for whom they counseled—regardless of my moods or the attitude of the person to whom they spoke. They, Spirit, would talk to each person about the goodness and strength of their soul—their struggles of the past, the courage of their growth, and promise of their future. For me, these were astonishing and deeply moving moments.

These are my words, my attempt to capture a bit of that magic—the grace of Spirit, the beauty of our soul.

~ Thomas Jacobson

Thank you to Summer Bacon for video production. []