Speak at your event? Private workshop?

Speak at your event? Private workshop?



Whether in our personal life, career, or workplace it is all about relationships and relating. In that you are reading these words, you already have knowledge and skills.

However, there is skill then there is out-of-the-box excellence as a natural extension of genuine grace, unfeigned intimacy, and personal vulnerability--a natural ease of communication and creativity.

My talk titles are:

To Love and Be Loved
... and why it's so damn hard at times

To Be The Creator
... and why it's so damn hard at times

According to your requirements, my talks are one to two and half hours long. They are inclusive of audience interaction throughout and, optionally, one or two development exercises.

Private Workshops

I offer my workshop, Journey To The Heart, as a transformational one or two-day experience for your family or organization.

It is a labor of love and a fascinating applied study on how--unwittingly--we affect others regardless of expectations, intentions, and experience. It is a serious study on the power and learned fear of personal vulnerability. It's cause and effect reconsidered and elevated. This workshop has changed lives and likely futures.

Ideally, the one-day workshop is 11 hours in length including breaks and one-hour lunch. The two-day workshop, 10 hours in length daily.

Please see the testimonial below provided by Helen Stroud of Woodlands, Texas. Her stepfather, Dr. Vandiver, twice engaged me to provide the Journey To The Heart workshop for him and his family.


My name is Helen Carmody Stroud, and about 24 years ago, my brilliant stepfather, Dr. Frank E. Vandiver [President, Texas A&M University], told me about his fascinating conversations with a spirit named Dr. James Peebles [through medium Thomas Jacobson, 1989].
I was interested, and made an appointment for myself, after asking my stepfather, “Am I going to be talking to a spirit, or to a person pretending to be a spirit named Dr. Peebles?"  Laughing, Frank replied that once Dr. Peebles started talking, I would have no doubts whatsoever that I was speaking with, well, what Frank and I later always said, we thought might even be God!
Anyway, that first conversation with Dr. Peebles blew me away. Completely. I had been raised Catholic, and had undergone 16 years of rigorous Catholic education. No matter how much I tried to make it work, in my head, the whole doctrine just made no sense at all to me. And, of course, I experienced a mother lode of guilt that Catholics are so famous for, because I wasn't being a good enough Catholic!
After that first session with Dr. P., I felt like I was walking, or floating on clouds......just buoyant! For the first time in my life, someone had presented me with the most beautiful explanation of life, and my life in particular....I got the big picture.
Many, many more conversations followed, including workshops with Thomas Jacobson that Thomas called, Journey to the Heart". For years I am afraid that most of what I talked about, and to anyone that would listen to me, was, "Dr. Peebles said,” or, “Thomas said," because I wanted everyone to have the clarity that I was experiencing.
Even today, probably at least twice a week, I talk about my life-changing experiences with Dr. Peebles and the very amazing, clear channel of his, Thomas Jacobson. Please feel free to contact me for any more on this subject, as I could go on for hours ....