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I now know there is life after death. I now know that our personality is the face of our soul, a soul in the throes of its evolutionary development.

I now know that we survive death with cognition and intelligence, ourselves fully intact.
— Intelligence from the Afterlife, by Thomas Clark Jacobson

We're all in this together, this thing called life ...

  • Who are we, as souls?

  • Why are we here in this lifetime, individually?

  • Why do we love passion in others yet fear it in our Self?

  • Why are we so hard on our Self and others?

  • Why is there suffering in our world?

  • Why is there abuse, crime, and war?

  • Why doesn't God do something?

  • What is Heaven?

  • What is spirituality? For real, in the grind of daily life?

  • What is judgment?

  • What is the source of our creativity?

  • What is happiness? When, where, and why do we deserve happiness?

  • When are we at our best?

  • Where do our thoughts originate?

  • How can we find more love within and without?

  • How can we be in good spirits, pleased as punch, and on top of the world more often? And not feel guilty about it, to boot?


Spirit Gives Us These Answers

They awaken us to our purpose while guiding us to a freshened, reinvigorated participation in life. Spirit not only saved my life but lifted me to a love of living. They shared their lessons on life and love through my voice mediumship spanning fifteen mind-bending, heartbreaking, heartwarming, and extraordinarily uplifting years (1980-1995).

Who is Spirit? I know them as the spirit of light and love. Several spirits had spoken or attempted to speak through me in the first months (1979) of my (developing) mediumship, three male and one female calling herself Miriam, but Dr. Peebles was far and away the most effective. He also explained that he was part of a group called 'The Golden Spiral.' Thus, throughout my website and forthcoming book, I will refer to all of them collectively as 'Spirit.'

The greatest illusion is that you are alone; never are you alone.

The second greatest is that you are unloved; you cannot escape love, for it is the invisible essence of all things.
— Spirit speaking through direct voice medium, Thomas Jacobson

In the Here and Now

On the whole, Spirit's messages are about the nature of consciousness, the art of personal change, and our engagement of life. For me, their lessons are profound in that their wisdom seems to cross all boundaries and circumstance.

When Spirit spoke through me, I was saturated with the energy of their all-encompassing love for the individual they were addressing. It transformed me. Like lightning in a bottle, I hope to capture some of that magic in my book, INTELLIGENCE FROM THE AFTERLIFE: Consciousness, Creativity, and Our Quest for Love.

Spirit guides us to the creative genius seeded within. They shine a bright light on the splendor of our soul--our better self, our growing self, our true self. Their teachings lift us to a resuscitated, even recalibrated celebration of life in the nitty-gritty of this world.

The Good, The Bad, and The Chasm

Spirits' commentaries to general audiences and soul readings to individuals touched the lives of tens of thousands of people. Their energy was electric, their words balm for the soul. Their insights were not only accurate but germane to the current issues and life challenges being experienced by the persons they addressed.

That said, I experienced failures as a medium, too. Though they were the exception, they broke my heart. They were my private agonies, haunting me throughout my fifteen years work as a medium.

You are the paintbrush.
Life is the canvas.

Learn this, and you
will never feel the victim again.
— Spirit speaking through direct voice medium, Thomas Jacobson

I'll be addressing those breakdowns in my book. For now, you might think of a 1930's radio set where the signal would fade, and the listener would turn the radio station knob back and forth trying to recapture it or eliminate the static. This is a good analogy for understanding the inconsistencies and occasional disappointments experienced by (authentic) mediums and the people seeking contact with the afterlife.

The chasm between the frequencies of our world and the afterlife is massive, at least relative to our physical senses.

My final session as a medium for Spirit was in June 1995. It had become too difficult to induce and hold a sufficiently deep trance state due to a vulnerability in my upper spine (neck). My wish now is to share with you all that I experienced as a medium with transparency and without reserve. I especially hope to bring the stirring life-changing teachings of Spirit into your living room, workplace, and relationships.

I promise you this: everything you read in my book (now being written) will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God.

By way of introduction, you will find testimonials throughout the website, as well as references to the book, To Dance with Angels, written by Don and Linda Pendleton about my work as a medium (available in libraries, Amazon, and Linda Pendleton's website).

Warm regards,
Thomas Jacobson