[Though this person is using his online pseudonym for a review of To Dance with Angels, by Don and Linda Pendleton, on Amazon, I recall his private session with me (video taping, etc.) but cannot recall his name.  ~ Thomas]

I first learned of Dr. Peebles through a friend. I had a critically ill child, and I was having a great deal of trouble dealing with the situation. Channeling was not something I was familiar with, nor was it the kind of thing of which I would think very highly. A friend convinced me to try a session with Thomas Jacobson as he channeled Dr. Peebles.
He allowed me to videotape the session, and I was amazed by his insight. Even after watching the tape over again and again, it fascinated me.
Certainly many naysayers would would dismiss this kind of event, but I don't agree. No one could provide such deep insight and clairvoyance as a ruse. There was little hesitation. He didn't have time to make up stories to fit the exact circumstances. Even if it was faked somehow, it was outstanding.
Life changing? Dr. Peebles' teachings changed my life more significantly than anything I have ever done or experienced. He taught me how to deal with my job, my family, my life...you will never approach life the same way again.
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