I am of course fully aware of the controversy inherent in my work as a trance medium. Right up to the very moment that I first received contact from Spirit in 1979, I was a skeptic too, albeit a skeptic in search of meaning. It is correct for you to be skeptical; it is virtually impossible not to be.

That said, the mediumistic phenomenon that I experienced was real. It was genuine. These many years later I continue to be deeply moved to the core of my being every day. I am forever thankful to Spirit who graced me with their presence while suffering my disenchantment with the mediumistic process, even my occasional ire with them, in those early years.

Spirit lifted me up. They revived me. Not only did they transfix me, but also transformed me, every time they came into and through me with their extraordinary light and love for humanity.

Seriously. No exaggeration.

Here for your consideration is a small sampling of testimonials out of the thousand-plus letters and notes I received over the years in response to my work as a trance medium for Spirit from 1980 to 1995. Some were in response to Don and Linda Pendleton's book, To Dance with Angels (about my work as a medium for Spirit (Dr. Peebles)).

I list these testimonials not to praise my work but to encourage, perhaps even inspire you in your (and our) ongoing search for the greater truths and awareness.

Warm regards,

P.S. To each of you who wrote to me and who spoke to me with your kindness, your love and testimonials over these many years, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I cannot find the words to adequately convey how deeply you touched me.



George Meeks, Ph.D.

Engineer and international researcher on life-after-death

One of the clearest windows in the world today. His [Jacobson’s] work is at the very highest level of mediumship it has been my pleasure to witness.

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Psychiatrist and author of the groundbreaking book, On Death and Dying

Thank you for most special reading. I'll connect with you when I return from Europe. You are a genius and will help many people. Love and much appreciation.

Bill Jenkins

KABC Talk Radio newsman and host of the popular Open Mind Show.

His appearance [Thomas Jacobson] on Open Mind, that’s when we had the most telephone calls to this station ... Dr. Peebles aroused that audience more than any of the other guests, ever ... People want to run him for President.
They love ‘im. You know, you just fall in love with this guy!

Katherine L. Morrisette

Norfolk, Virginia

Dear Mr. Jacobson:
Though I consider myself well read in many areas, it is not often that I come across a book that I believe would have broad appeal to people of all walks of life and philosophies and that would have an uncanny way of broaching complex concepts in an ordinary and simple way.
Quite simply, I was moved by statements of Dr. Peebles and sensed an extraordinary capacity for compassion in helping individuals to better understand themselves.
Thank you and may you prosper in bringing enlightenment to this world.

Suzanne Anthony, LICSW

Psychotherapist at Millbury Carriage House Counseling and Meeting House Family Counseling

I am Sooo looking forward to buying your new book and can hardly wait. Dancing with Angels [To Dance With Angels, by Don and Linda Pendleton] was life transforming for me and I continue to draw from the lessons so eloquently delivered from Dr. Pebbles and with the utmost appreciation of your mediumship talents and generosity in sharing of yourself to the world.

Whitley Strieber

Author of Communion and

...powerful and deeply moving experience, potentially life-changing [and] of universal importance. The book is sublime.

Colin Wilson

Author, Authority on the Paranormal

Extremely readable and full of brilliant insights ... undoubtedly genuine ... this book is an important addition to the literature of spirit communication.

Richard S. Prather 

Author of the Shell Scott Mystery Series

To Dance With Angels is not merely a very, very good book but a great one. And I do not use the word ‘great' loosely.

A book that, ideally, everybody should read.

Lionel Haines

Author of How to Buy a Good Business with Little or None of Your Own Money

The clearest channel of the New Age.
Thomas brings more than a decade of personal devotion and integrity to his role as host for the voice of spirit, Dr. Peebles...
I have found no finer source of spiritual guidance and healing. I have been deeply touched by the warmth, wit and wisdom of Dr. Peebles’ loving words.

Terry L. Shaffer, D.C.

Dayton, Ohio

I find his teachings provide practical tools for discovering and experiencing the Unity of Spirit that surrounds us. Most significant is the gentleness of his teachings as he shows us our Divine relationship to one another and the strength in being vulnerable that opens genuine loving communication.
I don't believe you will find anything more profound, with more integrity, compassion and genuine love than the principles and spiritual wisdom inherent in this journey to the heart.

Helen Carmody Stroud

The Woodlands, Texas

My name is Helen Carmody Stroud, and about 24 years ago, my brilliant stepfather, Dr. Frank E. Vandiver [President, Texas A&M University], told me about his fascinating conversations with a spirit named Dr. James Peebles [through medium Thomas Jacobson, 1989].
I was interested, and made an appointment for myself, after asking my stepfather, “Am I going to be talking to a spirit, or to a person pretending to be a spirit named Dr. Peebles?"  Laughing, Frank replied that once Dr. Peebles started talking, I would have no doubts whatsoever that I was speaking with, well, what Frank and I later always said, we thought might even be God!
Anyway, that first conversation with Dr. Peebles blew me away. Completely. I had been raised Catholic, and had undergone 16 years of rigorous Catholic education. No matter how much I tried to make it work, in my head, the whole doctrine just made no sense at all to me. And, of course, I experienced a mother lode of guilt that Catholics are so famous for, because I wasn't being a good enough Catholic!
After that first session with Dr. P., I felt like I was walking, or floating on clouds......just buoyant! For the first time in my life, someone had presented me with the most beautiful explanation of life, and my life in particular....I got the big picture.
Many, many more conversations followed, including workshops with Thomas Jacobson that Thomas called, Journey to the Heart". For years I am afraid that most of what I talked about, and to anyone that would listen to me, was, "Dr. Peebles said,” or, “Thomas said," because I wanted everyone to have the clarity that I was experiencing.
Even today, probably at least twice a week, I talk about my life-changing experiences with Dr. Peebles and the very amazing, clear channel of his, Thomas Jacobson. Please feel free to contact me for any more on this subject, as I could go on for hours ....

Nita Trocosso

Elementary School Teacher & Mother of Two

There are those rare moments when an extraordinary event or person is instrumental in changing the course forever of one’s life.
For me that was Dr. Peebles [through medium Thomas Jacobson]. After years of depression, despair and endless unsuccessful therapies, his insight enabled me to heal at last...to feel alive, to be excited, to feel inspired and most precious of all, to bubble with laughter—often.
My suffering has truly ended. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Nita Trocosso

Elementary School Teacher & Mother of Two

[Second testimonial]
My testimonial 20 years later from the many lives you touched. Literally everything I learned from you and Dr. Peebles has been timeless in its truth and wisdom and has been the core guiding influence in my life.
As you said it's all about relationships ... I wonder if you have any idea of what a blessing you have been and continue to be ... God bless you my friend.

Kathy Rose


I don’t think anything except the birth of my daughter has ever moved me so deeply and in such a profound way. I felt, and continue to feel, such love, joy, peace and pure excitement because of the wonderful wisdom I found in this book 'To Dance with Angels,' by Don and Linda Pendleton [about the mediumistic work of Thomas Jacobson].
My life will be forever changed and I will always seek more information and personal growth.

Vicky Crane


Dear Thomas,
It is with tears in my eyes that I write you. They are not tears of sadness - but tears of love and warmth for you. I have just finished 'To Dance With Angels' and cannot describe the wonderful feeling I have.
I thank you so very much for "moving aside" & allowing Dr. Peebles to channel through you. I felt the need to write you to thank you and to say to both you and Dr. Peebles that I love you.

Joseph H. Irwin, Jr.

Minister, Pennsylvania

Dear Thomas,
Recently I read the Pendletons’ book, 'To Dance with Angels,' and learned of your work with Dr. Peebles. This was especially interesting to me since I, like your father, am a U.C.C. (Congregationalist) minister.
Needless to say, I was profoundly touched. My own interpretation of Jesus’ life and teachings are very consistent with the spiritual principles discussed by Dr. Peebles. It is most encouraging and healing to have those perceptions confirmed ....

Barry VanCura


Dear Thomas,
I admire the work you are doing and marvel at Dr. Peebles' wisdom. I've read Seth and Edgar Cayce, but Dr. Peebles seems to 'hit closer to home.'
Speaking to you and Dr. Peeble would be a great honor.

Elly & Paul Grappell

New York

Dear Thomas,
My family & I were deeply touched by you. We are working on your gifts of enlightenment daily. Being with you & Dr. Peebles was a profound experience that shall be a significant part of our beings always!
Thank you again.

Mona Lisa Rutzebeck


Dear Thomas,
I have been searching for many years for some of the answers that Dr. Peebles is enlightening us with ....
Mr. Jacobson, it is an honor to hear about such a man as you. To love the world enough to help us love and grow. I would be afraid to channel the way you do. I know there are many people in the world who are very grateful to you.

Cindy Trejo


My heart is filled with gratitude and appreciation for you and your wonderful gifts ....
If I am truly lucky in my life, I will be able to touch you with the same richness you have touched me.
The world is truly a beautiful place to be and you are one of the reasons it is ... Thank you Thomas.

Jan Harris


Dear Thomas,
...oh, how jealous I am of you!!
I have been to psychics, astrologers, palm readers, classes, past life regressions and read many a book so far. I have also done astrology, numerology, and tarot.
You must realize how exceptionally fortunate and gifted you are to be able to channel such a marvel. I’m not at all a skeptic, but I don’t believe that I have ever been to anyone who really knows what the heck they are doing.
The Seth Material and all of Jane Roberts work seem to be on a similar plane of Dr. Peebles, but the good Doc is much easier to follow and understand.

Jan Harris


[Second testimonial]
I just wanted to thank you for the great reading we had on Monday. Even ----- -------, the great skeptic, is telling all his friends about the fabulous Dr. Peebles! I have talked to people about it and it is amazing how many people have a great interest in doing it, but are really scared.
He [Dr. Peebles through medium Thomas Jacobson] was right on the mark about everything including our business!
[various evidential details given but omitted here for privacy]

Monalee Prange


Dear Thomas,
I was incredibly impressed with my reading [Dr. Peebles through medium, Thomas Jacobson].
I was told many things about myself that only I knew to be true ... I was told many things about the lessons I have to learn in this lifetime – and based on my experiences, and my life patterns – I know they are true. Many life fears were confirmed and explained to me.
Many questions were answered, and many outcomes were predicted that have already come true.
I came away from that reading with an entirely new understanding of myself, what my life is about, what loving is about, what the universe is about ....


[real name unknown ... a reviewer on Amazon]

I first learned of Dr. Peebles through a friend. I had a critically ill child, and I was having a great deal of trouble dealing with the situation. Channeling was not something I was familiar with, nor was it the kind of thing of which I would think very highly. A friend convinced me to try a session with Thomas Jacobson as he channeled Dr. Peebles.
He allowed me to videotape the session, and I was amazed by his insight. Even after watching the tape over again and again, it fascinated me.
Certainly many naysayers would would dismiss this kind of event, but I don't agree. No one could provide such deep insight and clairvoyance as a ruse. There was little hesitation. He didn't have time to make up stories to fit the exact circumstances. Even if it was faked somehow, it was outstanding.
Life changing? Dr. Peebles' teachings changed my life more significantly than anything I have ever done or experienced. He taught me how to deal with my job, my family, my life...you will never approach life the same way again.



Very recently, two of my grandparents from opposite sides of the family passed away. I was saddened tremendously, and often isolated myself from school friends, sobbing all day long.
One day my mom found a few copies of this book in the bookstore (she had been looking for a copy for her friend) and bought two, one to replace the one she had lost, and one to give to her friend.
I read her copy and enjoyed it thoroughly; it changed my life forever.
I can only give TDwA [To Dance With Angels, by Don and Linda Pendleton] a solid five stars, as it is one of the greatest books ever written. It sheds light on nearly every aspect of life and death, relationships, and the history of the universe.


Joanne G.


Thank you for your spectacular book [To Dance With Angels, by Don and Linda Pendleton]. Just discovered it a week ago and haven't breathed for a week. Sure hope another is coming up. This was too good to not want more.

Lynda M.


Thank you for writing your fabulous book [To Dance With Angels, by Don and Linda Pendleton] ... Loved it! I had trouble putting it down which is not easy with four children. It was heaven to read. 

June T.


Your book [To Dance With Angels, by Don and Linda Pendleton] has been one of my healers. I am so grateful to have been put in touch with Dr. Peebles' teachings.

Edwin H., M.D.

I love this book [To Dance With Angels, by Don and Linda Pendleton] ... It's helped my life. Thank you very much.

Leanna M.


I recently finished your book To Dance With Angels. Wow! What an amazing and highly impactful book. I was so disappointed to finish the book–it became like a friend to me and finishing it meant the friend had to leave. You have truly touched my soul and reached a part of me that I didn't know existed.

Beverly S.


I am in the process of rereading To Dance With Angels. I am hoping it will provide me with even more insight the second time around. I've bought nine copies of your book so far and handed seven of them out. I have two more on order because whenever anyone is interested enough to say they want to read it, I give it to them. That's how strong a message I feel your book contains!

Carin Robinson


The words spoken to me [by Dr. Peebles through medium, Thomas Jacobson] saved me a life of pain and suffering in ignorance and his voice and knowledge follow me still today and are the finger that holds me from my collar to keep me from falling off a cliff.