June 11, 1987

To Whom It May Concern:

The purpose of this unsolicited short letter is to introduce to you Thomas Jacobson whose almost full-time endeavor is what I call trans-channeling, a reasonably well-understood process of a human acting as a communication conduit (channel) between our physical time-space world and a parallel space (but non-time) dimension referred to herein as just "another or other dimension." I believe the physical processes involved are totally explained within the realm of quantum mechanics and the non-probabilistic realm of classical physics, special (endpoint) cases of quantum mechanics, and string theory as I understand it at this time.

My name is Phil Chapman. I am by profession and education an electrical engineer with a background in psychology as well. I have accredited university degrees in both fields. I am a California registered professional engineer and worked (since 1964) at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California. JPL is administered by the California Institute of Technology (CALTECH) for NASA. The opinions, information and content of this letter are strictly my own and some others at JPL and in no way express the viewpoints of either JPL, NASA, CALTECH, the State of California, or Thomas Jacobson.

Trans-channeling is not a new phenomenon nor is it unique to Thomas. There are literally dozens of accredited trans-channelers around the world. However, those who have studied and learned this skill of trans-channeling are not all equally capable as is typical of any trade or profession. It requires several years of hard work and a lot of practice to become "good' at trans-channeling, and I will define what I mean by "good" in a moment.

Thomas channels an entity (spirit) by the name of Dr.  Peebles. Dr. Peebles is the personality name for a group of beings in this other dimension who refer to themselves as the Golden Spiral. I shall refer to this Group as Dr. Peebles. Over a period of time, I have talked to Dr. Peebles privately through Thomas for almost three hours, and I have participated in discussions with Dr. Peebles in public sessions for another four hours, and I have recorded and analyzed six hours of discussions with Dr. Peebles from public radio. I have these conversations on audio tape and some videotape. Based on over a dozen hours of information coming from Dr. Peebles through Thomas, I can unequivocally state that not only is this mechanism of trans-channeling through Thomas legitimate, but quite valuable from many perspectives. Further, the information transferred during portions of these sessions were of such content that there is absolutely no way that Thomas would have even an inkling of knowledge of the subject material! I can state this fact in absolute terms, nonnegotiable.

My interest in trans-channeling is strictly scientific, non-personal, non-emotional, and non-religious (I practice no religion). I must admit, however, that I see and appreciate the beauty and simplicity of these concepts. My interest was much more extensive than just the mechanism. A beautiful demonstration of this mechanism as I've described it is exemplified through Thomas Jacobson and Dr. Peebles.

What makes one trans-channeler "better" than another? The answer at the highest level is motivation, practice, and experience. Neophytes in this profession tend to distort somewhat the information coming through the conduit. It takes several years of hard work to become "good." There are many psychological, physiological and physical reasons for this. Thomas is no neophyte in this profession. He has a pretty good understanding of this distortion problem and has succeeded in minimizing this non-intentional filtering of information through the conduit. His colleagues claim him to be "one of the purest windows," which means that the information coming from the Golden Spiral Group (Dr. Peebles) through Thomas is minimally distorted. And I believe this to be true from my "test."

At a more detailed level, distortion through the communications channel is a function at any instant in time of the mental well-being of the trans-channeler, his world-view outlook of his personal life as well as life in general, the background noise of the session environment, his state (depth) of trance, and several other factors. Thomas seems to have what I would describe as a good outlook on life and sincere interest in people and his profession, thus providing a situation for minimal distortion, a clear window, or what we engineers term low noise in the communications channel. The bottom line then is that the information one obtains from this other dimension through Thomas is of high quality and therefore can be used accordingly.

If the reader of this brief letter has any questions, feel free to contact me for further information or arrangements. I can be reached during the working day at JPL [phone #] or at home during the evenings and weekends at [phone #].

Phil Chapman