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[Unpublished. Join my list for updates and special features while I continue writing.]

You have a true gift for expressing stories of great emotion without being even the tiniest bit maudlin. Your ease in writing pulls the reader in and leaves one wanting to read more, more, more. Brilliant.
— Wynn Roberts, Los Angeles

With INTELLIGENCE FROM THE AFTERLIFE: Consciousness, Creativity, and Our Quest for Love, Thomas Jacobson inspires hope by inviting us into a new awareness. An awareness based on the reality of life after death—the survival of our Self beyond the grave. We are all eternal souls temporarily incarnated into this lifetime and born with fantastic potential and specific purpose.

He begins with his own story. He openly admits his skeptical nature and how he searched for meaning and proof of life from the great beyond. He talks about the astonishing eleventh-hour contact received from the other side at the very moment he had decided to quit his search for meaning. Intelligence from the Afterlife is the memoir of a 'normal' human seeking the divine and becoming a trance medium in the process.

... fifteen mind-bending, heartbreaking, heartwarming, and extraordinarily uplifting years as a direct voice medium for spirit.
— Thomas Clark Jacobson

What followed was an astounding and very public fifteen-year vocation as a trance medium for Spirit.

Thomas shares with us the beautiful teachings received from "the spirit of light and love" through his mediumship—spiritually enlightening yet easily applied in daily life. He goes on to share what he learned about life and love while in a trance and Spirit speaking through him.

But that is just the bare beginning.

From the teachings of Spirit, as well as his lessons learned from his inner work as a medium, Thomas defines consciousness and breaks it down to its soulful parts. Working with the reader, he reassembles them into a step by step prescription for spiritual satisfaction in the here and now of this world. A blueprint for personal fulfillment, a living of life from true Self.

Drawn from years of teaching tens of thousands of people across the country, Thomas presents a remarkable self-help pathway for lifting our life experience to new heights of personal satisfaction and creative fulfillment. It is his desire that these teachings help us find hope, clarity and the courage to go forward into daily life with even more love and enthusiasm.

Ultimately, Thomas explains, it is a journey to the heart.

Author's Note

I begin with my private and gangling search as a hopeful skeptic seeking proof of life from the great beyond, and the astonishing eleventh-hour contact I received from the other side mere moments after I had decided to quit what I believed was a failed two-plus year search.

It was my hunt into the hinterlands of human consciousness. It is, however, more than that. Much more.

By extension and intention, it is our story as human beings who—consciously or otherwise—are each on a search for the "greater truths and awareness." It is our shared odyssey as souls upon "the beautiful but difficult school called Earth," a life journey replete with contradiction and blind alleyways that can leave us mentally cross-eyed and spiritually bewildered—no matter how far up the mountain we may have come.

I don’t think anything except the birth of my daughter has ever moved me so deeply and in such a profound way.
— Kathy Rose, Nevada

This is a user-friendly handbook for a more creative, engaged, and vibrant life in the here and now of this world. It is an expedition into the soul.

Yes, life is beautiful but tough too. We must step into life all the more so, Spirit explains. They teach us how and with promising effect, sharing their intelligence from the other side.

Intelligence from the Afterlife is a guided and pro-active walk-through of the life-affirming, life-changing truths given to us by Spirit.

I like to think of them as downloads from heaven.

Warm regards,
Thomas Jacobso

Dear Thomas, I admire the work you are doing and marvel at Dr. Peebles’ wisdom. I’ve read Seth and Edgar Cayce, but Dr. Peebles seems to ‘hit closer to home.’

Speaking to you and Dr. Peebles would be a great honor.
— Barry VanCura, Tennesse

Book Excerpts

Excerpt One

When, thirty-nine years ago or so, I was presented with a beautiful philosophy for living life—the likes of which I had never previously nor since encountered—everything began to change. On a dime. This simple yet somehow all-encompassing teaching flat out made sense. It seemed to embrace the panorama of human experience as is, including the dilemma and seeming contradiction of a professed to be loving God on the one hand, and ongoing suffering, turmoil and conflict on the other.

Here, for the first time, was a life view that might be the real deal. Here was a spiritual purpose that seemed to clothe and fit the real world. At least, for me.

This bright light upon the human predicament gave me a reason to wake up on the right side of the bed, to move into the day with a step a little more hardy and long. My life began to change; I started to change. Whereas previously I believed myself to be merely existing in the humdrum of a nonsensical life that surely was mere happenstance, I now began to experience a personal reconstruction of sorts—a soulful metamorphosis. It was as if I had poured high-grade premium oil on the moving parts of my neglected rusty engine of being human.

Where once I had seen life as a dog-eat-dog competition for supremacy, I now saw definite, even promising purpose to a re-engagement of life. Increasingly, I saw a gentleness, grace, and elegance in the human spirit to which, previously, I was somehow blind. For the first time, I entertained the idea that there is a ‘connectedness’ between all things.

And my parts began to move.

Life became interesting, even I became interesting. I mean, not that interesting but, yes, I grew curious about me, myself, and I.

Excerpt Two

Here was a wholesome explanation that was soaring but stout, beatific yet doable. I was about to discover who I really am generally, and what I must do in the living of my life, individually.

The how and why of it.

All told, it was an emerging excitement about being alive. I had work to do on myself, to be sure. Big time. But now, by God, I knew what the job was. I committed to a search for meaning … to a closer relationship with life. It is from that enduring aerobics of my spirit, my Self, that I began—little by little, step by step, inch by inch— to experience love within and without.

Received from one whom I consider an angel, I remain captivated to this day by the potency and dignity of these teachings for any who, in good faith, apply them to their living of life. As for me, it is a user-friendly guide that lifts me to my better self, even—for moments here and there—my higher Self.

What began as a skeptical if hopeful search became, in time, a personal resurrection, a re-engagement of my soul’s ongoing quest for love. It was the dawn of my awakening as to how there could be a loving God yet ongoing conflict, struggle, and turmoil in life.

I now know there is life after death. I now know that our personality is the face of our soul, a soul in the throes of its evolutionary development. I now know that we survive death with cognition and intelligence—ourselves fully intact.

Excerpt Three

It is time, high time, that I make this template available. It is our purpose, our promise, and our process. It is a celebration of life via a freshened understanding of you and yours, of me and mine.

This elegant spiritual psychology is given to us from spirit on high to assist we humans who, they explain, are incarnated souls living “upon the beautiful but difficult school called Earth, as students of the Divine.”

When studied in earnest, it can be transformative. You become the pilot more so than the passenger. You are public, not private only. You are present, responsive, and engaged. Your creativity shoots up two-fold, three-fold, even ten-fold. You inspire others just by being yourself—not some caricature of what you think you should be. You make a difference because the outer you is the inner you.

And life likes that.

Is there a higher purpose? Do we live beyond this life in a meaningful and conscious state? Is there a purpose to our personal life? We witness horrific suffering, intense conflict, never-ending crime, appalling abuse, and obtuse prejudice. Can we reconcile these to a loving God and intelligent life system? Can we change our experience from the tattered patterns of yesteryear to a whole warming cloth for today and forever?

Yes, yes, yes, and yes.


Excerpt Four

Our lot in life is anything but an accident. The surroundings into which we find ourselves immersed at birth are, to a degree, intended environs. They are chosen by us or, at the least, accepted by us as essential influences for our growth. They are threads spun from our soul’s spinning wheel, woven into a whole cloth by our spirit teachers according to what they see as a good fit for our upcoming incarnation.

This current life is a soulful trek of our choosing, though unconscious to our thinking mind. With free will we plot our course and, in time, learn to love the journey itself inclusive of its (many) life lessons.

We are increasingly fascinated rather than fearful. We achieve a celebration of life, well earned.

And, perhaps, we touch the very face of God.

Our life is not an exercise in futility. What we do here matters. It echoes within the heavens, affects the lives of others here on Earth and, in time, grows our soul.

Thomas Clark Jacobson

It’s not “How to be successful.”
It’s “How to be your Self.”
— Thomas Clark Jacobson