Dear Thomas,

I have just finished reading "To Dance with Angels," and I literally picked up the pen as I closed the book. I was blown away completely.

I have been investigating metaphysical phenomena for years now starting with Seth Speaks and Edgar Cayce years ago—then Shirley MacLaine's books, Ramtha, Zen, Course in Miracles, etc., etc. I'm sure you know the story.

And while they all rang a bell—nothing has affected me like "Dr. Peebles."

You must be used to his kind of letter by now. So, I don't have to say a lot. It's the first time I could sink my teeth into something that didn't have a white-washed feeling. I found other reading interesting but preachy or too simplistic. 'Just think positive, and you'll be ok—sure—if it was only that simple. And if there is a positive, somewhere there is a negative I must try to avoid—and there we go back to square one.

... I am so enthralled by this.

I thank you for the considerate work you do You must be instrumental in helping millions. That is a brave and admirable thing—good luck to you. I hope we will talk or meet someday.

Gail Barle
New York, NY