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The Symphony Within

Intelligence from the Afterlife

The Symphony Within is the music of our soul, the heartbeat of our spirit.

Inspired by the workings of our spiritual parts, it is an ever-evolving composition reaffirming optimism and promise. It is, too, the oft-muffled sounds of our innate desire to touch and to be touched. The symphony within is a soaring hymn seeking permission to engage, then fortitude to re-engage. Born of the Divine seed within, it is our valorous concert to the living of life, our performance of soul's purpose and promise, and our contact with spirit both incarnate and discarnate.

Performed on instruments of care, courage, engagement, and understanding, the melodies are majestic, noble, and finely tuned. At times, however, it is but a cacophony of fragmented sounds--would-be notes seemingly in competition, haphazard and sometimes strident. Unwittingly, we become less responsive, absent initiative, and internally isolated. Regardless of station, spiritual beliefs or professional success life can be tough.

Those on the other side, the afterlife, understand the pains and predicaments of our incarnation to this "... beautiful but difficult school called Earth." Whether family, friend or angelic teacher they guide us. Their counsel and encouragement have less to do with our physical survival than our ongoing journey to the heart as a soul. Through dreams of day and night, they nudge us back on the path while reminding us that we are indeed loved.

Spirit inspires us to be gentle on ourselves, then others. They guide us to listen to The Symphony Within.


In our finest hours ...
The Symphony Within is soaring violins and muscular violas lifting
soul's longing dreams to our waking mind while
ever-brave trumpets raise us from recline.

It is noble French horns throwing golden tones far afield,
heralding renewed occasion to stride into day and deed.

The Symphony Within is lyrical oboes beckoning that we might re-engage while
sensual cellos charm our dusty desires. And we shimmer again.

It is a crescendo of buoyant clarinets, fearless flutes, and piping piccolos
affirming our right and soulful need to a celebration of life itself.


It's not "How To Be Successful." It is "How To Be Yourself."
Personally free, passionately inspired, and true to your soul.


[NOTE: I often capitalize the word spirit. In doing so, I am referring to the collective spirit of light that knows, loves, and guides us.]

My life dedication is to the wondrous and life-lifting intelligence given to us by Spirit through my work as a trance medium from 1980 to 1995. That ongoing and most intimate contact with Spirit changed my life forever. My challenge and labor of love is to effectively bring forward the transformative power of their teachings into the nitty-gritty of our daily lives.

I can unequivocally state that not only is this mechanism of trans-channeling through Thomas legitimate but quite valuable from many perspectives.

Further, the information transferred during portions of these sessions were of such content that there is absolutely no way that Thomas would have even an inkling of knowledge of the subject material.

I can state this fact in absolute terms, unnegotiable.
— Phil Chapman registered engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory

From the Love of Spirit

My life has been transformed not only because of the enlightened teachings of Spirit but from the profound love and care they radiated while speaking through me.

I found myself overwhelmed by the vibrant compassion of their love, the energy field of their care for every person they addressed.




Warm Soulful blueprint

No matter my mood prior to going into trance, I would feel Spirit's love for those they were addressing while speaking through me. And my soulful growth began to soar.

Their teachings are a warm soulful blueprint for the here and now of our lives. Their grace of spirit is our grace of spirit, now in the making.

The Symphony Within

Intelligence from the Afterlife

This is my book. It is the story of my mind-bending, heartbreaking, heartwarming, and wondrous journey from being a skeptic of both life and life-after-death, to receiving direct contact from the Afterlife. It is my spiritual odyssey as an agnostic and reluctant seeker, suspicious of one and all who dared to claim knowledge outside of my own little reality box.

It was a search for meaning, a search so private that I was unwilling to let anyone know of it. Truth told, I was terrified of being played for the fool's fool ... accused of naivety. Nevertheless, I went straight at it. I immersed myself virtually full time, attending every event, lecture, and silliness I could find on the subject of life purpose and life-after-death. In a word, things metaphysical.

Here and there I would experience something that I could not explain away. More often than not, however, it seemed my skepticism was validated. 

Finally, three years after beginning the search and while in my umpteenth meditation, I just flat out quit. Absolutely and forever. Without waver, yet absent rancor. The search was over. Or so I thought. Little did I know how little I actually knew. I hadn't the foggiest idea what lay ahead.

As it turned out, this 'ending' was only the beginning ...

His appearance [Thomas Jacobson] on Open Mind, that’s when we had the most telephone calls to this station ... Dr. Peebles aroused that audience more than any of the other guests, ever.

People want to run him for President.
They love ‘im. You know, you just fall in love with this guy!
— Bill Jenkins, KABC talk radio newsman & host of the popular Open Mind Show

Love I have never known

This is far more than the story of a skeptic turned medium, however. It is a detailed account of my internal experience while entranced. It was my personal exposure to love as I had never imagined could possibly be. Additional to what Spirit was saying through me came an overwhelming energy of love that I was emotionally experiencing while possessed by Spirit. It was love beyond words ... it was the symphony within.



Handbook for Living

The all-encompassing grace and majesty of Spirit saturated my body, heart, and mind. Though I felt awkward as a person back in those early years, Spirit's immersion into my being inspired me to see the transformative possibilities for us all. Their transcendent teachings have now become a handbook for strong and graceful living, for a vibrant life lived with soulful dexterity and spiritual poise.


It is my pleasure to publish an online weekly newspaper with news and views from around the world regarding the Afterlife.



Health, Inspiration & Science

Knowledge of the Afterlife inspires our creativity and gives balm to our soulful heart.

What People Are Saying ...

I'm trying very hard not to be shy, not to retreat into humility ... tempting though it is.

These testimonials are not really about me. They are about the reality of life after death and genuine purpose to our lives. When Spirit first came through me I could hardly wait to share with as many people as possible what I had just experienced. I wanted everyone to know about the other side of life. It changed me ... and the upward spiral of my life began. I could not possibly keep this to myself.

I never dreamed that my very private search into the meaning of life and this mediumship thing would become a career. Not a clue.

Here I am these many years later and I have the same excitement. I want to help you feel the compassion and joy of Spirit, the comfort of life after death, the significance of your life, and reality of the Afterlife.

To that end, please accept these heartfelt testimonials of people from all walks of life. I want to get you excited. Spirit is real, your life does not end with your physical death. You have purpose. These testimonials are here to help you have even greater faith in those truths. And, yes, these testimonials are here to also help you know of my authenticity, my credibility.

My testimonial 20 years later from the many lives you touched. Literally, everything I learned from you and Dr. Peebles has been timeless in its truth and wisdom and has been the core guiding influence in my life.

As you said it’s all about relationships ... I wonder if you have any idea of what a blessing you have been and continue to be ... God bless you my friend.
— Nita Trocosso, elementary school teacher and mother of two

Don and Linda's Book

Allow me to encourage you to take a peek at To Dance With Angels, by Don and Linda Pendleton. It received critical acclaim, and I believe it will lift your heart and touch your soul. It is the authors' study and story of my work as a medium and of the spirit, Dr. Peebles, who spoke through me.

Additional to the Amazon book link I have embedded throughout this website, please know that the book is available in many libraries.



Nelson Westphalen

A gentleman in his nineties who had heard the living Dr. James Peebles speak from platform early last century heard of my mediumistic work.

He attended one of my public sessions and was astounded (he told us) when he heard Dr. Peebles speaking though me, saying that "he hasn't changed a bit." Subsequently, he and his wife, Dorothy, talked at length with the good doctor in a private sitting.

The Symphony Within

Intelligence from the Afterlife

To live true to your soul is to seek to understand, to look beyond. It is an ongoing willingness to personally change and mentally reevaluate ... to be "in search of the greater truths and awareness." Greater awareness of yourself while evermore conscious of your cause and effect upon others. It is to touch and be touched ... to inspire and be inspired. It is to perform from your heart and soul through brightened windows of vulnerability.

To live true to your soul is to live on purpose. But what purpose? Why? How? Spirit teaches that your are here, in part, to recover your "desire and desire to be desired."

And that is just the beginning ....

... Dr. Peebles [medium, Thomas Jacobson] speaks with nineteenth-century courtesy but with the wit and wisdom of all renaissance men. Your very being may be challenged by his off-world humor and his tender-hearted lessons in communication, responsibility and alienation.
— Dr. Frank Vandiver, President-Emeritus Texas A&M and noted military historian.

Downloads From Heaven

"It is a joy and blessing when man and spirit join together in search of the greater truths and awareness." ~ Dr. Peebles.

Principles, revelations, and techniques for a good life, a truly fulfilling life journey. I consider them downloads from heaven. They inspire us to live personally free, passionately inspired, and true to our soul.



your Shining soul

I am confident that The Symphony Within: Intelligence from the Afterlife will touch your heart and lift your spirit. I will reveal all that I learned from Spirit and, if you will, be your guide for application in the hard reality of daily life.

In my view, this is a special occasion for you to revitalize the beautiful and creative you, the shining you.